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Georgia-Pacific West - Lignin Operable Unit: Cleanup Action Plan and Associated Legal Documents

2022 Fact sheet

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The Department of Ecology (Ecology) invites you to review the cleanup action plan and associated legal documents for the Lignin Operable Unit at the Georgia-Pacific West cleanup site (GP West). The Lignin Operable Unit is located on the Bellingham waterfront within the Chlor-Alkali Area of the GP West site – see fact sheet and webpage for a map.

Ecology and the Port of Bellingham (Port) have prioritized cleanup of the Lignin Operable Unit to enable purchase by Mercy Housing Northwest (Mercy) for redevelopment as affordable housing. The Port will clean up the Lignin Operable Unit under a legal agreement (Consent Decree Amendment) with Ecology. After the cleanup, Mercy will purchase a portion of the property from the Port and redevelop it under a legal agreement (Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree) with Ecology.

The following documents are available for review:
  • Cleanup Action Plan: Ecology’s plan that describes the cleanup work to address contamination within the Lignin Operable Unit.
  • Consent Decree Amendment: Amendment to a previous legal agreement between Ecology and the Port that requires the Port to complete engineering design documents and clean up the Lignin Operable Unit.
  • Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree: Legal agreement between Ecology and Mercy that settles Mercy’s cleanup liability for the Lignin Operable Unit and details property access requirements and affordable housing development information. 

En español El Departamento de Ecología le invita a comentar sobre un reporte ambiental para el sitio que está contaminado Lignin Operable Unit en Bellingham. Si le gustaría recibir este documento en español, por favor llame a 425-324-5901 y espere que un intérprete se una a la llamada o envíe un correo electrónico a Traducciones de avisos públicos para los sitios de limpieza de la Bahía de Bellingham se preparan bajo solicitud.

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